The First Sabbath

A  Topical  Study

            Why would God memorialize the Sabbath Day? What exactly are we supposed to be remembering? Was it because it was the first Saturday of history to become a day off from work? Did God get tired and need a break? What really happened on the 1st Sabbath Day? In Genesis Chapter 1, we have the famous "Creation Week" and then immediately following in Chapter 2, it reports that the heavens and the earth were finished. But then on the 7th day, (the day after we were just told it was finished), we're told that God "ended" his work. If his work was finished on the 6th day, what exactly did God "end" on the 7th day? This short little study is an interesting look into the 1st Sabbath Rest. Investigating the Hebrew language with scientific research of Jewish scholars provides some fascinating insights into what really happened on the 1st Sabbath Day.

7 Minutes
February 1, 2010

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The First Sabbath Day.Genesis 2:1-3Colossians 1:16-17