The Science Of God And His Word

A  Topical  Study

            For those of us who believe in a higher intelligence, how do we really know that there is one? For those of us who are certain that there is one, how do we really know that our view of who he is, is even close to being accurate? In this 1 hour podcast we will explore the mechanics of modern science, astronomy, cosmology and physics to determine the existence of a hyper-dimensional creator and then use those same discoveries to prove which human written manuscript could only be a message to the Earth from the Creator Himself.

59 Minutes
May 20, 2008

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Science & Faith VS Religion & Blind Faith.
The Dangers Of Blind Faith.
The Latest Observations In Science, Astronomy, Physics, Biology and Cosmology.
Hyperdimensions: The Physics Of The Supernatural Sphere.
Conditions A Manuscript Must Meet To Prove Itself Beyond The Dimensional Scope Of Humanity.
The Science Of God And How He Got A Message To His Creation.