Praying To Different Gods

            Does all the world pray to the same God? Whenever Jesus made his way into Galilee, he was continually confronted by those who were possessed by demons. When a land becomes filled with all manner of pagan worship, false gods, and strange rituals, it's no coincidence that demonic possession soon overtakes it. These rituals and ceremonies invited demonic activity. If a false god was nothing more than the invention of the imagination, then it wouldn't be worth worrying about other than the fact it might look silly to someone who knows better. But unfortunately, history along with the Bible has shown that demons are always ready to assume the role of a false god. And when a land becomes prominently filled with the pagan worship of false gods, demonic possession soon overtakes it.

6 Minutes
January 25, 2010

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I. The Reason Why Demonic Possession Was Prevalent In Galilee.
A. Matthew 4:23-25
B. Mark 1:21-28
C. Luke 4:31-37
D. I Corinthians 10:15-21