Of The Law And The Prophets

Matthew, Mark, Luke & John: Session 47

            Jesus continues to explain to the religious leaders why everyone, including Gentiles and notorious sinners, are now pressing into the Kingdom of God. But his explanation brought about the need to address a gnawing question that was haunting the minds of the Pharisees. If everyone presses into the Kingdom of God, then what's to become of Israel? What of the declarations, the promises and prophesies of the Law and the Prophets? Has God divorced Israel in favor of the Church? Did the New Testament replace the Old Testament? We'll devote a considerable amount of time investigating his answer because it's an important truth that many Christians today have either forgotten or ignored.

43 Minutes
May 20, 2017

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Reviewing The Parable Of The Unjust Steward. Luke 16:1-8
Reviewing The Personal Application Of The Parable. Luke 16:9-13 Luke 14:26-27    Matthew 6:19-21    Matthew 16:25-27
Jesus Responds To The Ridicule Of The Pharisees. Luke 16:14-15 Proverbs 21:30
Jesus Explains Why Everyone Is Pressing Into The Kingdom Of God. Luke 16:16
The Law And The Prophets And God's Covenant With Israel. Luke 16:17-18 Matthew 19:1-9    Mark 10:1-12


The Coming Universal Delusion

A  Topical  Study

            Most Christians have no idea the magnitude of elaborate deception that's on our near horizon. For the better part of 2000 years, all prophecy has been painted through primitive quaint-colored glasses. But if anyone were to accurately make a movie about what's prophesied to come, no one would ever suspect it was a Biblical story until the very end of the film when it's revealed to us that we've been rooting for the wrong side all through-out the film. The groundwork for this incredible sci-fi flick has already been written. First, God was removed from the equation of our origin with the theory of evolution. When DNA was discovered, the evidence of intelligent design was proven, but ignored. However, the more evident DNA is proven to be a written language of intelligent origin, theories of ancient aliens seeding our planet have been promoted to fill in the gap.

15 Minutes
November 11, 2009

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ALIEN ENCOUNTERS By Dr. Chuck Missler & Dr. Mark Eastman

DNA Facts VS Evolution Theories.Colossians 2:82nd Corinthians 10:5
First We Were Descendant From Apes, Now We're Descendant From Aliens?Romans 1:20-25
What Does The Bible Say About Those Ancient Aliens?Genesis 6:1-92nd Peter 2:4-5Jude 1:6
The Return Of "Our Alien Astronaut Brothers".Matthew 24:37-42Luke 21:25-26
The Physics And Capabilities Of Angels. Matthew 24:24Mark 13:22
Comparing The Foretold Doctrine Of The Antichrist To The Doctrine Of Today's "Alien Messages". 2nd Thessalonians 2:92nd Corinthians 11:14-152nd Thessalonians 2:3-4