Sermon On The Mount: Riches, Food, Laughter & Popularity

Matthew, Mark, Luke & John: Session 11

            If money, food, laughter and popularity have always been easy for you, then you're headed for disappointment. In Luke's record of the Sermon On The Mount, Jesus even went so far to say that the exact opposite is true for those who are currently poor, hungry, sad or rejected. Jesus' perspective was eternal and the logic behind his reasoning was so impressive that Luke's record of the Sermon focused primarily on this single point. Matthew's record is much more exhaustive, which we'll cover in future sessions. But for now, we'll single out Luke's record for this study. We'll study a subtle difference between the phrases "Kingdom Of God" and "Kingdom Of Heaven" and we'll also get into the famous passage from which we get the phrase, "The Blind Leading The Blind."

56 Minutes
February 15, 2010

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Being Judgmental VS Being Discerning

Jesus Heals Another Multitude From All Over Judaea and Jerusalem.Luke 6:17-19
The Beginning Of Jesus' Famous Sermon On The Mount.
In This Session, We're Only Going To Look At Luke's Record Of The Sermon.
We Will Synchronize Luke's Record With Matthew's More Extensive Record In The Next 3 Sessions.

            (a) Matthew's Record VS Luke's Record Of The Sermon
            (b) The Kingdom Of God vs The Kingdom Of Heaven
            (c) Blessed Are The Poor?

Luke 6:20Matthew 5:1-3
Blessed Are Those Who Now Hunger And Cry.Luke 6:21
Blessed Are Those Who Are Persecuted For My Sake.Luke 6:22-23Matthew 5:11-12
Those WIth Woes Instead Of Blessing.Luke 6:24-26
Loving Your Enemies & Praying For Those Who Persecute You.Luke 6:27-28Matthew 5:43-45
Loving Your Enemies & Turning The Other Cheek.Luke 6:29Matthew 5:38-40
Giving To Those In Need.Luke 6:30Matthew 5:42
What Has Become Known As "The Golden Rule".Luke 6:31Matthew 7:12
What Makes You Different If You Only Love Those Who Love You?Luke 6:32-35Matthew 5:46-47
"Be Perfect, Just As Your Father Is Perfect & Be Merciful, Just As Your Father Is Merciful."Luke 6:36Matthew 5:48
Judging Others VS Judging Fruit: What It REALLY Means To "Judge Not".Luke 6:37-38Matthew 7:1-2
The Blind Leading The Blind.Luke 6:39-40
Criticizing The Speck In Your Brother's Eye While A Beam Of Timber Remains In Yours.Luke 6:41-42Matthew 7:3-5
Judging (Or Discerning) Trees By Their Fruit.Luke 6:43-45Matthew 7:16-20
If You Don't Do What I Say, Can You Really Call Me Your Lord?Luke 6:46Matthew 7:21
Building Your House Upon The Rock.Luke 6:47-49Matthew 7:24-27


Jesus Christ: Lord Of The Sabbath

Matthew, Mark, Luke & John: Session 10

            This is a short and sweet little study, nothing special except for the great massive throng of people that show up at the end to get healed. Also it's a lot of fun watching Jesus purposefully spring a "Sabbath Trap" that the Pharisees had tried to lay out for him. I can only imagine what the Pharisees must have thought when they heard Jesus declare that "the Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath".

43 Minutes
February 8, 2010

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The Legalism Of The Pharisees vs The Lord Of The Sabbath.Matthew 12:1-8Mark 2:23-28Luke 6:1-51st Samuel 21:1-6
The Pharisees Lay Out A "Sabbath Trap" For Jesus That Jesus Chooses To Spring.Matthew 12:9-14Mark 3:1-6Luke 6:6-11
Jesus Heals A Vast Multitude That Mark Calls "A Great Throng".Matthew 12:15-21Mark 3:7-12
The Appointment Of The Twelve Apostles.Mark 3:13-19Luke 6:12-16