Aliens & The Antichrist

Round Table Discussion

            Most Christians have no idea the magnitude of elaborate deception that's on our near horizon. For the better part of 2000 years, all prophecy has been painted through primitive quaint-colored glasses. But if anyone were to accurately make a movie about what's prophesied to come, no one would ever suspect it was a Biblical story until the very end of the plot when it's revealed to us that we've been rooting for the wrong side all through-out the film. This week's audio is a discussion with Andrew James and his co-host Nate from the radio program, "Uncommon Christianity" in which we discussed alien abductions, the technology of cloning and hybridization, and how all of it ties together with end-time prophecy and the coming of the Antichrist. Their official website magazine is at Our discussion lasts for a little over an hour and all of the relevant Bible passages are listed below in the order in which they're referenced.

1 Hour 12 Minutes
July 25, 2014

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The 1st Massive Invasion Of Fallen Angels Against The Women Of Earth.Genesis 6:1-132nd Peter 2:4-5Jude 1:6
The Seed Of The Woman VS The Seed Of The Serpent.Genesis 3:15
When God Creates A Life.Psalm 139:12-16Colossians 1:16-17
Incredible Signs & Wonders That Will Deceive Even The Elect.Matthew 24:24Mark 13:22
The Great Christian Evacuation For Which "Aliens" Are Already Crafting A Cover-Story. Matthew 24:37-421st Thessalonians 4:16 - 5:11Luke 21:25-26
Nimrod & The Tower Of Babel. Genesis 10:8-12Genesis 11:1-9
The Abomination Of Desolation & The Image & Mark Of The Beast. ( 666 = DNA Signature? ) Daniel 9:27Matthew 24:15-22Revelation 13:14-18
The Two Witnesses Of Revelation 11. ( Moses & Elijah? ) Matthew 17:1-8Revelation 11:3-13
The Antichrist Will Oppose & Exalt Himself Above All That Is Called God. 2nd Thessalonians 2:3-9
Jesus' Prophecy Of The Antichrist Coming In His Own Name. John 5:43
The Holy Spirit's Prophecy Of Future Christians Turning To Doctrines Of Demons. 1st Timothy 4:1
Satan & His Ministers Masquerade As Angels Of Light & Righteousness. 2nd Corinthians 11:14-15
Those With The Mark Of The Beast Will Seek Death & Will Not Find It. Revelation 9:6Revelation 16:2


Legalism & The Self-Righteous

Matthew, Mark, Luke & John: Session 39

            Legalism is the key ingredient to self-righteousness, which God hates. For those of you who have ever been burdened by the oppression of religious legalism, you are going to love these next 18 verses, in which Jesus verbally lashes out on 2 religious leaders for legalism and hypocrisy. I find it fascinating that of all the various things that Jesus could have publicly shown anger toward, it was always religious externalism and legalistic hypocrisy that set him off.

30 Minutes
July 18, 2014

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External Righteousness VS Internal Righteousness. Luke 11:37-41
Jesus Rebukes The Legalism Of The Pharisee. Luke 11:42-44
Jesus Rebukes The Legalism Of The Mosaic Law Expert. Luke 11:45-52
The Religious Leaders Respond. Luke 11:53-54