Special Guest: Chuck Missler

This interview was recorded on our old secular BTR show in 2009 before I went full time with Founding Word. Listening to Chuck Missler's Bible studies throughout the years are largely responsible for what inspired the launch of Founding Word.

After graduating from the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland, Chuck Missler received a commission in the Air Force. He was the branch chief in the Department of Guided Missiles during the "missile crisis" of the late 1950's. As the reconnaissance satellites were creating their turmoil within the global intelligence community, he was in the middle of THAT program as well. Then later, after having completed graduate degrees in business and engineering, he was recruited into the senior levels of the Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan. And then later in the 1960's, he had the opportunity to pioneer the development of the first international computer network, which was a forerunner of the world wide web. Over the years he's served as a director of numerous public companies and was Chairman and Chief Executive of six of them. Four of these were publicly traded defense contractors, serving the most highly classified agencies of our government.

But while all of this was going on, he had a personal hobby that continued to grow as time went by. With an intelligence background, a background in the information sciences, a background in computer science, Dr. Missler discovered that the Founding Book of his Christian faith, was much more than that. Because of it's structural design and so many other properties within the text itself, he learned that the Bible actually showed evidence of being written from the perspective of one who transcends space/time. And this led to a personal adventure of passionate exploration that has never died. He's published several books and audio lectures on the design of the Bible itself as well as other materials monitoring our current history which seems to be setting the stage for an event that's talked about all throughout the Bible.

The earliest recordings of Chuck's Bible commentaries are available online at no charge. More recent editions of Chuck's Bible commentaries are available for purchase at the Koinonia House Store or available to stream on demand at K-House TV. Chuck's Bible commentaries are also required course materials for students enrolled at Koinonia Institute which is an accredited online Bible Institute with a focus on verse-by-verse study where serious Christians can grow in knowledge, understanding, awareness and commitment.

51 Minutes
November 11, 2009

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Remembering Chuck Missler