Matthew, Mark, Luke & John: Session 20

            Many have tried to suggest that the classic scenarios of demonic possession recorded in the Bible are nothing more than a primitive culture's attempt to explain personality disorders and mental illnesses. It's because of that viewpoint that I believe Jesus chose to handle this next case in the way that he did to prove that these aren't cases of personality disorders or diseases of the mind, but are literal cases of demonic spirits oppressing and sometimes possessing their human victims to the point of entering their body to share their mind and in many cases, override it. Mark and Luke's record of this event was taken from memory. Matthew's record was recorded quickly by short-hand as it happened, if not soon after. Combining these three reports, we find that this particular individual had been known throughout his community. He had been possessed for a very long time, wandering around the community naked, screaming in the night, sleeping among the tombs and cutting himself with stones. The local authorities had attempted multiple times to subdue him. Nothing they had done could stop him. They had even resorted to binding him in shackles and chains, but he ripped them all apart! Apparently, super-human strength is another symptom of demonic possession when the demons have massed together. This is when Jesus chose to respond to this particular case for our educational benefit. Mark and Luke report that instead of casting out the demons as Jesus had done before, he asked, "What is your name?" and he said, "My name is LEGION for we are many." At the time, a legion was a military company of 6000 Roman soldiers. The beings possessing this man were soldiers of Satan, and they were at least 6000 in number. But standing in the presence of Jesus, the Son of God, they shrieked in terror and begged Him, "If you cast us out, please permit us to go away into that herd of hogs over there." A herd of 2000 hogs were quietly grazing in a nearby field. Jesus gave a nod of permission. The man immediately fell down as the entire herd of 2000 hogs suddenly became violent and stampeded over a cliff to drown themselves in the sea.

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May 7, 2010

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I. Leaving The Dead To Bury Their Own Dead.
A. Matthew 8:18-22
B. Luke 9:56-62

II. Jesus Calms A Killer Storm That May Have Been Demonically Induced.
A. Matthew 8:23-27
B. Mark 4:35-41
C. Luke 8:22-25

III. Jesus Is Met By Two Individuals Possessed By Demons.
A. Matthew 8:28-29

IV. Mark & Luke's Report Focuses On The One Possessed By 6000 Demons.
A. Mark 5:1-10
B. Luke 8:26-31

V. Jesus Expels The 6000 Demons Into A Heard Of 2000 Hogs.
A. Matthew 8:30-33
B. Mark 5:11-16
C. Luke 8:32-36

VI. The Frightening Power Of Free Will.
A. Matthew 8:34
B. Mark 5:17-20
C. Luke 8:37-39

VII. Jairus Begs Jesus To Save His Daughter From Death.
A. Matthew 9:18-19
B. Mark 5:21-24
C. Luke 8:40-42

VIII. On The Way To Jairus' Daughter, Jesus Heals "A Woman" With An Issue Of Blood.
A. Matthew 9:20-22
B. Mark 5:25-34
C. Luke 8:43-48

IX. Jesus Raises Jairus' Daughter From The Dead.
A. Matthew 9:23-26
B. Mark 5:35-43
C. Luke 8:49-56
D. Jairus' 12-Year-Old Daughter VS The Woman's 12-Year-Old Issue Of Blood: A Prophetic Model.

X. Jesus Restores Sight To Two Blind Men.
A. Matthew 9:27-31

XI. Jesus Heals Another Mute Demoniac.
A. Matthew 9:32-34

XII. Nazareth's 2nd Rejection Of Christ.
A. Matthew 13:54-58
B. Mark 6:1-6

XIII. The Harvest Is Plentiful, But The Laborers Are Few.
A. Matthew 9:35-38

XIV. Jesus Commissions The Twelve To Go Out And Heal The Sick & Cast Out Demons.
A. Matthew 10:1-4
B. Mark 6:7
C. Luke 9:1

XV. Instructions Were Given To Focus Exclusively On Israel.
A. Matthew 10:5-6

XVI. Instructions Regarding Their Personal Needs.
A. Matthew 10:7-11
B. Mark 6:8-10
C. Luke 9:2-4

XVII. Instructions Regarding Greetings And Salutations.
A. Matthew 10:12-15
B. Mark 6:11
C. Luke 9:5

XVIII. Instructions Regarding The Hard Road Before Them.
A. Matthew 10:16-23

XIX. Instructions Regarding The Meaning Of Discipleship.
A. Matthew 10:24-39

XX. Instructions Regarding The Reward Of Service.
A. Matthew 10:40-42

XXI. Jesus And The Twelve Depart For Their Assignment.
A. Matthew 11:1
B. Mark 6:12-13
C. Luke 9:6