Matthew, Mark, Luke & John: Session 19

            The Kingdom Parables (Matthew 13) are a prophetic timeline of all church history from the 1st century to the Present. This is an amazing and incredible study for we can clearly see Jesus giving commendation, encouragement and criticism to the churches of each age throughout history, starting with the apostolic age, then to the church of the persecuted age, then to the Imperial Church, then to the Papacy, then to the Protestant & Denominational churches, then to the missionaries and non-denominational churches and then finally to the apostate church. If Jesus had given his Kingdom Parables in any other order, this prophetic property wouldn't apply.

57 Minutes
April 30, 2010

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7 Letters To 7 Churches

Parable Of The Sower Of Seed Into 4 Types Of Soil.

            Personal Application:
            Sowing The Word Of God Into The Hearts Of Men.
            (Paul's Letter To The Ephesians)

            Prophetic Application:
            The Age Of Apostolic Planting (1st Century) "Sowing Seed Into The Soil".

Matthew 13:3-9
Matthew 13:19-23
Mark 4:3-9
Mark 4:15-20
Luke 8:5-8
Luke 8:12-15
Revelation 2:1-7
Parable Of The Tares Among The Wheat.

            Personal Application:
            When Deceptive Imposters Infiltrate The Assembly.
            (Paul's Letter To The Phillipians)

            Prophetic Application:
            The Age Of Persecution (1st - 3rd Century) "Tares Among The Wheat".

Matthew 13:24-30
Matthew 13:36-43
Revelation 2:8-11
Parable Of The Mustard Seed.

            Personal Application:
            The Imposition Of Hierarchies When An Assembly Grows Too Big.
            (Paul's Letters To The Corinthians)

            Prophetic Application:
            The Age Of Imperialism (4th - 6th Century) "The Mustard Seed Becomes A Tree".

Matthew 13:31-32Mark 4:30-32Revelation 2:12-17
Parable Of The Woman Hiding Leaven In Three Measures Of Meal Until All Is Leavened.

            Personal Application:
            When Doctrines Of Demons Are Hidden Within Doctrines Of God.
            (Paul's Letters To The Galatians)

            Prophetic Application:
            The Age Of The Papacy (6th - 21st Century) "The Woman Hides In Leaven Until All Is Leavened".

Matthew 13:33Revelation 2:18-29
Matthew & Mark Comment On Jesus Teaching In Parables.Matthew 13:34-35Mark 4:33-34
Parable Of The Hidden Treasure.

            Personal Application:
            Hidden Treasure Discovered - The Law ("Debt") VS Grace ("Paid In Full")
            (Paul's Letter To The Romans)

            Prophetic Application:
            The Age Of Protestantism & Denominationalism (16th - 21st Century) "Hidden Treasure Buried".

Matthew 13:44Revelation 3:1-6
Parable Of The Pearl Of Great Price.

            Personal Application:
            Individual Sanctification & The Uplifting Encouragement To Stand Firm
            (Paul's Letters To The Thessalonians)

            Prophetic Application:
            The Age Of Non-Denominationalism & Missionaries (18th - 21st Century) "Pearl Of Great Price".

Matthew 13:45-46Revelation 3:7-13
Parable Of The Dragnet.

            Personal Application:
            When Religion Overthrows The Preiminance Of Christ And God's Word
            (Paul's Letter To The Colossians)

            Prophetic Application:
            The Age Of Apostasy (20th - 21st Century) "The Last Age Before The Dragnet".

Matthew 13:47-50Revelation 3:14-22
Jesus Closes The Discussion And Departs From His Disciples.Matthew 13:51-53