The Science Of The Trinity

A  Topical  Study

            When 3-Dimensional man tries to define the nature of One who inhabits more than three dimensions, words such as "Trinity" are born in the lexicons of theology. It's been widely assumed that the first rule of understanding the Trinity is accepting the fact that it can't be fully understood. It hasn't been until our recent understanding in modern science of hyperspaces that we're even beginning to understand it. Unfortunately, modern science never thought to share this with the Christian community, so I'm sharing it with you here.

15 Minutes
December 17, 2008

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God Is One.Isaiah 44:6Isaiah 45:5
The Super-Science Of God. (Science Explains The Trinity)John 1:1-3Psalm 90:2Genesis 1:1-26
The Word Became Flesh And Walked Among Us.John 1:6-14