Matthew, Mark, Luke & John: Session 33

            Jesus was met with opposition from family members, followers, strangers and religious leaders before, during and after his attendance to the Feast of Tabernacles. His brothers taunted him with their disbelief and sarcastic advice, the Samaritans rejected him on his way to Jerusalem, his followers had to be taught a lesson in mercy and then the religious leaders tried to arrest him, but failed. He was accused of hiding, of being a false teacher, of being a prophet and yet, with all the ignorance and opposition, Jesus continued to show his superior intelligence, his perfectly collected demeanor and flawless logic in perfectly chosen words in each and every verbal response given. With this appearance in Jerusalem, Jesus proclaimed his authority came from the Father, his origin was from the Father and his upcoming destination was to be back with the Father. He also offered living water to those who were thirsty and each conversation sent the people into divisions of debate and the religious leaders into a state of enraged confusion.

37 Minutes
April 23, 2013

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Jesus' Brothers (In Disbelief) Offer Him Advice In Public MinistryJohn 7:1-9
Samaria Rejects Jesus On His Way To JerusalemMatthew 19:1Luke 9:51-56John 7:10
In Search Of Jesus At The Feast Of TabernaclesJohn 7:11-13
Jesus Proclaims His Authority Is From The FatherJohn 7:14-24
Jesus Proclaims His Origin Is From The FatherJohn 7:25-31
Jesus Proclaims His Upcoming Departure To The FatherJohn 7:32-36John 14:1-4
Jesus Proclaims An Offer Of Living Water To DrinkJohn 7:37-39John 14:16-17
The People Are DividedJohn 7:40-44
The Religious Leaders Are ConfusedJohn 7:45-53