Matthew, Mark, Luke & John: Session 13

            In Matthew Chapter 6, Jesus gave us some instructions on how to make solid investments towards our future in Heaven. He gave us instructions on how to fast and specifically HOW NOT to fast, how to give and specifically HOW NOT to give and then most importantly, how to pray and specifically HOW NOT to pray. He stressed the importance of keeping it private between you and God and then He stressed the importance of keeping it real without fake platitudes or repetitive phrases. In discussing these passages, we find enough material to offend just about everyone, the classic fundamentalists as well as the modern age charismatics. But as with all things, before accepting or rejecting what I say in this broadcast, keep an open mind while filtering everything through the scrutiny of Scripture.

52 Minutes
March 12, 2010

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The Rewards In Heaven vs Our Citizenship In Heaven.Matthew 6:1
How To Give And How Not To Give.Matthew 6:2-4
How To Pray And How Not To Pray.

            (a) Public Hypocrisy VS Private Intimacy.
            (b) The Habit Of Heaping Up Empty Phrases: A Danger In Any Language.
            (c) Praying In The Spirit: The Biblical Way VS The Demonic Way.

Matthew 6:5-8Romans 8:26    1st Timothy 4:1-2
What Has Become Known As "The Lord's Prayer".

            (a) The Command To Pray For The 2nd Coming: "Thy Kingdom Come".
            (b) The Purposes Behind "Allowed" Trials And Temptations.
            (c) The Danger Of Holding Grudges & Unforgiveness.

Matthew 6:9-15
How To Fast And How Not To Fast.Matthew 6:16-18
How To Make Investments Towards Our Future In Heaven.Matthew 6:19-21